"The Suns Of Of The Crystal"
The Triple Suns, Light up the sky.

It isn't like the sky as we know it. But it is something magical in a land not like ours.

The world is filled with green life, Gelfings, Pods, The elders alike.

You can hear the songs they play, you can hear the songs they sing. The songs that bring joy to them all. But over the Valley Of The Mystics stand tall.

Like eyes that watch you, in a place wherever you roam. In this world you are never alone.

The Darkened Creatures are in every corner and they stare. You look around and they are not there.

They are the noises you hear, but like the Crystal Bats they come and disappear.

The Gelfings and the Pods live in this land, Down in the dark caves away from the badness of the things that lurk. Here is where they can be peaceful and as one.

They are a family and that family are all one.

The Suns Of The Crystal they are lined forever in three.

They are the key, to the magic that beholds everything that is The Dark Crystal

Written by Liz Blade

Twitter Name : Moondance_81
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