Rhonda Whitledge
South Bend, IN, USA
“Bearded Bogwallop”

Judging Highlight:

“A great concept, beautifully executed. Wonderful use of different textures and a worthy honorable mention.”
– Peter Brooke

Creature Backstory:

The Bearded Bogwallop thrives in the marshes surrounding High Hill spending most of his days contentedly sitting and growing weeds. His amazing stench attracts delicious scavengers. (Note; the wormlike “fingers” of his front legs are strategically positioned between taloned appendages, poised to snatch and eat unwitting opportunists who expect a juicy worm dinner.

When threatened, he ducks his head. Wallah! Nothing here but a clump of weeds! He is mostly a sedentary sort of fellow but clumsy bog travelers beware! Tread on a Bogwallop and you’ll find yourself, without warning being walloped sky high by force of those looooooong legs.

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