Joe Amaro
El Paso, TX, USA
“Mago the Moglin”

Judging Highlight:

“This character seems to be solidly grounded in his story. There are rich details in his sculpt and costume that help to tell that story. I like how his narrative is a part of him.”
– Cheryl Henson

Creature Backstory:

Moglins are a peaceful race, part flesh and part mineral, living deep within the mountains of Thra. They have crystals on their bodies that help illuminate the dark caves deep within the mountains. The evil Skeksis in their quest for beauty started trading with the Moglins for their jewelry. But it wasn’t long before their quest for power led them to a more sinister plot… if the Moglins can find these precious jewels they thought…then maybe they can find another Dark Crystal! The Skeksis betrayed the Moglins, enslaved them and made them dig deeper than they had before in search of another Dark Crystal. This made the Moglins very sad, as this would mean the decimation of their homes. In time one Moglin stood up against the Skeksis, Mago led a revolt! He enlisted all the creatures of the mountains and united they eventually drove the Skeksis away!

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