Frank Casey
Gig Harbor, WA, USA
“skekNong, the Engineer”

Judging Highlight:

“Brian and I loved the humour in the face of skekNong and the skillful and imaginative use of materials – great combination of metal work and gears!”

– Wendy Froud

Creature Backstory:

As cunning as skekSil the Chamberlain and as deviously brilliant as skekTek the Scientist, skekNong had an expansionist’s vision for the future of the Skeksis’ rule over Thra. That vision involved the harvesting of forests and swamp lands for their resources, and to alter living things to what was in his mind a more perfect form. Using the power of the Dark Crystal, skekNong figured out how to use the essence of living things to fuel his monstrous creations – manits-like robotic creatures called Skaras. He set out to lands far beyond the Castle to begin his work to reshape the living world. He controls his army of Skara warriors through the crystal in his scepter.

SkekNong’s exploits brought him eventually to a remote swamp populated by Podlings. However, while most of the swamp trembled with fear of the oncoming destruction, two daring young Podlings sought to put a stop Skara threat. Through their acts of heroism they rallied the creatures of the swamp to unite against skekNong and the Skaras. As the living things of the swamp drive the machines away, skekNong is mortally wounded. He is taken by his creations back to the Castle where skekTek saves his life by hooking up his vital organs to part of one of his broken Skara soldiers. The backplate skekNong wears is that piece of Skara. SkekNong’s own vile creation is what is now keeping him alive. SkekNong continued to live for many years until the machinery that kept him alive finally gave out.

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