Céline Schmitz
Liège, Liège, Belgium
“Graine de Plumtchon (Dust Seed)”

Judging Highlight:

“Graine de Plumtchin made us laugh. We could feel his mischievous character – something that fit right in to the world of The Dark Crystal!”
– Wendy Froud

Creature Backstory:

Plumtchon is basically a ball of dust, member of a specie widely known all over the world(s), living below every bed, couch, wardrobe, every furniture in every house. Maybe you have one of them laying just at your feet, at this very moment?

Plumtchon’s are familiar little creatures, living (hidden) with us, discreet, tough quite curious. They love to hear our secrets, when we talk, thinking we’re alone…

When tamed (but it takes some time and patience, due to their shyness), Plumtchon’s sometimes tell you the stories they heard.

This special guest, by the way, used to live in Aughra’s observatory. He (with all his brothers and sisters, for sure) lays under some table and hears, knows everything of what happens there. Haven’t you seen him already? How do you think Aughra knows even what you haven’t said?

(The word ‘Plumtchon’ is a word that means something like ‘ball of dust’ – but with a variety of things in it: spider webs, hair, fur, dust… – in wallon, the dialect old people speak in here, the french-speaking part of Belgium.)

This small sculpture is made of painted poluyrethan resin for head and paws, and cloth and knitting (though I hate to knit, but it was the best texture…) for body, so it’s fully soft and moveable. So a sculpture-puppet hybrid.

It’s about 25 centimeters long (kind of 10 inches), and weights 260 grams.

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