Alan Ozark
Brookfield, IL, USA
“Mamoot Kaiyoo”

Judging Highlight:

“Brian says that this is truly in the spirit of The Dark Crystal – where rocks are alive and mountains can walk!”
– Wendy Froud

Creature Backstory:

When The Dark Crystal shattered, many sparks and magic flew from the shards. Some burned bright, but then faded away. Some of the magic and energy attached itself to things. One of these things was a group of small pebbles. The power and magic was absorbed, and these pebbles became alive. They grew quickly and then grew limbs to walk. When they found the light of the sun, these creatures started following it. They grew and grew to be so large that they became mountains. Large trees grew on their backs. Animals, birds, and humaniods became inhabitants. Some groups built villages, only taking what they needed from their hosts, which in turn helped the Mamoot Kaiyoo live long lives. Other races exploited their mountain mothers and then wondered why they died.

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