The Age of Innocence

Aughra is Born from Thra

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After a time, the world grew restless. For the stones had no tongue and longed to speak. The forests had no eyes and longed to see. Deep beneath the earth, in the womb of Thra, the crystal felt their longing… and a new life emerged, born from the stones and roots of the world. Aughra am I, she said.” (Creation Myths, Volume 1)

The Gelfling teach Aughra to Dreamfast

“And through this compact, she taught them what she knew of the world. She taught them of the bright crystal which hummed and vibrated within Thra.”
Creation Myths, Volume 1

Aughra's Son Raunip is Born

Creation Myths, Volume 1
The First Great Conjunction Occurs

The UrSkeks Arrive

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At the hour of the great conjunction, the crystals sang out, calling each to each and the star-beings opened a door in the light and stepped across the cold void of space. (Creation Myths, Volume 1)

Age of Harmony

Aughra is Blinded by the Light of the UrSkeks

The World of The Dark Crystal

The UrSkeks Heal Aughra

“The UrSkeks found me there upon the mountaintop; they healed my burns; but I was now gnarled root and weathered rock; the heat of the Suns had burnt my first growth away.”
The World of The Dark Crystal

The UrSkeks Bring Knowledge to the Gelfling, and the Gelfling Populate Thra

“To the gentle Gelfling they brought the gifts of culture, knowledge and enlightenment. They gave them tools and craft-lore and showed them that nature could be humbled and the world could be civilized. Before long, the Gelfling race spread its reach far and wide across the face of Thra.”
Creation Myths, Volume 1

The UrSkeks Build Aughra
the Great Observatory

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When I was healed, the urSkeks taught me knowledge; they built for me the great Observatory that I might see all the paths of the World. My life was made complete. (The World of The Dark Crystal)

Gyr Hears the Songs of the UrSkeks

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It was not a song of Thra. It thrummed in another key, another language, another mind. It broke his heart to hear it. So filled with longing and loss… without hope or expectation. Only eternal, steadfast yearning… and so completely unrequited. He felt like a thief, catching echoes of memories he was never meant to know. It shamed him to listen. (Creation Myths, Volume 1)

Raunip Doubts the UrSkeks

“Raunip decided he had heard enough. He had wondered why the star-being left their world for Thra, and while there were clues to be found in the UrSkeks' words… Raunip felt the answer lay hidden elsewhere. It was locked within the glint and glimmer of the Crystal. For if the Crystal had summoned the UrSkeks to Thra, perhaps it could also send them back.”
Creation Myths, Volume 1

The UrSkeks prepare for the Second Great Conjunction

Creation Myths, Volume 2
The Second Great Conjunction Occurs

The Great Division of the UrSkeks

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In the wake of the great light, where once floated the UrSkek, now two new species crawled and staggered. Eighteen of each. Freshly born, full of youth… and seemingly without memory. (Creation Myths, Volume 2)

Age of Division

The Crystal is Cracked by the Skeksis

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For the span of a single breath, there was no sound heard… save the painful screeching of the crystal. As if it were a living, wounded thing.” (Creation Myths, Volume 2)

The urRu Leave the Castle for the Valley of the Stones

“The Skeksis held the Castle; the urRu fled when the Harmony was broken. They were filled with sadness, and made their way to the Valley of the Stones. There they could shelter and meditate concealed. They chose that twisting valley, home of mists, for that it resembled the world they had left to come to us; water flowed from abundant springs, caves filled the rocky slopes. They made it fit for their use. I helped, I chose stones and guided the stones to allow themselves to be shaped. There the urRu made stone circles of power, the framework of the valley, everlasting protection.”
The World of The Dark Crystal

Raunip leads the Makraks to the Field of Fire

“And that’s the last anyone saw of strange, brave Raunip. Heading out into the Wasteland with his new friends, looking for their new home, they had many adventures together – the Pirate Birds of Lados, The Great Mountain of Kral – but only Raunip and the others know the truth of those stories.”
Creation Myths Vol. 3

Formation of the Seven Gelfling Clans

The Gelfling segregate into seven clans, each led by a maudra, or matriarch. From these seven matriarchs, one is named the All-Maudra to speak for all the Gelfling in communications with the Castle of the Crystal.

The Skeksis Begin to Experiment with the Crystal

The Creatures of Thra begin to darken

The urRu disband and travel Thra

The urRu, detecting the unbalance in the land, leave the Valley of the Stones in an attempt to offset the spreading darkness.

The Skeksis Learn to Use the Crystal to Drain Essence from the Gelfling

Rian discovers the Skeksis’ betrayal

A young soldier named Rian discovers what the Skeksis have done and escapes The Castle of the Crystal with his friend Gurjin

Naia leaves the Swamp of Sog

Gurjin’s twin sister, Naia, is recruited by a Vapran soldier and leaves her home in search of her brother and Rian

Jen's firca is forged

Naia warns the All-Maudra of the Skeksis betrayal

Naia and her friends go to Ha’rar, the Gelfling capital, to warn the All-Maudra

The Gelfling Gathering

The Gelfling clans learn of the Skeksis betrayal

The Seven Gelfling Clans Unite

Led by heroes of their age, a secret resistance against the Skeksis is planned

The Gelfling Create the Wall of Destiny

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When the Skeksis began to take Gelflings as well as Pod People as slaves, the Gelfling were dismayed. For once they thought of their future. They sought to know if the Crystal might be healed, if the Skeksis rule must continue. They lit the fires of prophecy, they took counsel from the flames. Seven circles of seven Gelfling lay on the hilltops all night; their faces to the stars. Their dreams were
made stone; the Wall of Destiny still stands. (The World of The Dark Crystal)

The Skeksis Create the Garthim

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Then the Skeksis made the Garthim from the memories of sea creatures in their first world, quickened by the light of the Dark Crystal, through the skill of skekTek the Scientist, the power of skekUng the Garthim-Master. The strength of Garthim was unbelievable, their stupidity incalculable. Their sole purpose was to destroy all they found. (The World of The Dark Crystal)

The Garthim War Begins

Legends of The Dark Crystal: The Garthimg Wars

The Crystal Bats Bred

“They bred the Crystal Bats to carry lenses of artificial crystal that sent images of all they saw back to the Crystal in the SkeksisCastle. At first the bats flew only in the dark, after the manner of their kind; but the Skeksis bred from the bolder and hardier strains, till no corner of the World was unknown to them.”
The World of The Dark Crystal

Lahr & Neffi Journey to the Castle of the Crystal to Free the Gelfling Prisoners

Legends of the Dark Crystal: Trial by Fire

The Garthim War Ends

Two Gelfling Survive the Garthim War

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Two Gelfling survived the slaughter, two infants unknown to the Skeksis. Jen was found and fostered by the urRu, Kira by the Pod People. (The World of The Dark Crystal)

urSu the Master &
skekSo the Emperor Die

“And when the Great Conjunction at last drew near, urSu the Master, who had waited till then, allowed himself to die. He knew that this would also be the death of skekSo the Emperor, that the Skeksis must then fall into utter division.”
The World of the Dark Crystal

Jen & Kira Begin Their Quest

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The two remaining Gelfling find each other and set off to fulfill the prophecy.

SkekUng Wins the Trial by Stone and Becomes Emperor; SkekSil is Exiled

The Dark Crystal

Aughra's Observatory is Destroyed; Aughra is Captured by the Skeksis

The Dark Crystal

SkekTek & urTih Are Killed

The Dark Crystal

Kira is Killed by SkekZok

The Dark Crystal
The Third Great Conjunction Occurs

The Dark Crystal is Healed & Restored to the Crystal of Truth

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As Kira lay felled beneath the swords of the Skeksis, as the Three Suns came to conjunction in glory, as the urRu marched into the castle, JEN HEALED THE CRYSTAL. Then with the shard restored the three suns stood above the glowing crystal and flooded it with light

The Skeksis & urRu Recombine Into UrSkeks

The Dark Crystal

Kira is Revived by urSkek UngIm

The Dark Crystal

Thra is Restored

The Dark Crystal

The Age of Power

Jen & Kira restore the Gelfling across Thra

Gelfling Acolytes assume control of the Crystal

Thurma leaves the Fire Realm in search of a Crystal shard

Thurma shatters the Crystal