Which is better? The 25th Anniversary DVD (2007), or the Blu-Ray (2009)?
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Hello There,
Well, I’ve been patiently awaiting….The Great Conjunction….OOPS….I mean the 35th Anniversary Blu-Ray release of “The Dark Crystal” (LOL!), but I have this sinking feeling that we’re simply not going to be getting any such release, either this year, or even early next year, so….on to “The Million Dollar Questions”:

Which is better? The 25th Anniversary DVD of “The Dark Crystal” (2007), or the 2009 Blu-Ray release? I have Googled the Special Features for each, and, along with more Special Features, the DVD included some art prints (True or False?), but I’m thinking that the transfer, the colors, and the sound quality might be better, with regards to the Blu-Ray release.

I am probably going to get one or the other, and then eat my words when a 35th Anniversary Blu-Ray surprises us all next year, or something like that! LOL!

Well, thank you in advance for your advise, as you all have more experience with this movie than I. I’d have added Fizzgig emojis to this message, but they keep causing this window to freeze. :(  Too bad, ‘cause they’re totally cute!

Well, I’m wanted in the forest, so….
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