✦ Neoma and The Fallen Sun ✦
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✦ Neoma and The Fallen Sun ✦

✦ Chapter 1 ✦

✦ The Castle ✦

Many time has passed since the crystal was healed.

Gen and Kira passed to another world but before they left they ruled for many trine in this one.

The crystal and the land were pure and good, and a new age of Gelfling was born within its light.

As the New age of Gelfling once more began to populate the land, the Gelfling formed clans as they had long ago and began separated the land.

And now, a Young Gelfling named Neoma begins her journey.

Neoma lived in the surrounding village of the Castle of the Crystal. She lived in a small resourceful home in its light.
Neoma enjoyed to write and would often sit outside of her home on a starlit night looking up at the Castle of the Crystal which radiated a pure white light, Neoma used this as inspiration for her writings as she often dreamed of living within the Castle itself. Neoma wrote in the ancient writings of the Mystics, a language that was passed down to her through many ages of Gelfling.
Neomas eyes were of a pure obsidian black which allowed her and many like her to see clearly when the night frequently overcame the land.

Days have become much shorter over the past trine as the dying sun approaches its final cycle.

Neoma is once again called to the Castle of the Crystal into its throne room.

In the throne room the Crystal Queen sat. A direct lineage of Gen and Kira.
A lineage that was apparent in blood but not in spirit, despite the Queens disposition Neoma respected her greatly.
The queen short of stature appeared slumped within the Crystal Thone surrounded by her Crystal Guards.

“OOH, Here she is. in all her glamour” exclaimed the Queen in a sarcastic tone
“Could you have not atlas attempted to dress for the occasion? those rags”

Chip scurried behind trailing Neoma and climbed on her shoulder to get a better view.
Chip was a Creature of Thra, he was a small ball of fur with a prolonged tail and sporadic feathers. Chip had been Neomas friend for many Trine since she was a small Gelfling when she would venture out into the desert lands to play and imagine being a great adventurer.

The Queen winced at the thought of creatures within her throne room.
“Get THAT THING OUT!” ordered the Queen

“I’ll come get you Chip”
Chip scurried back out of the long throne room

“I didn’t come here to humour you, tell me why i’m here” Neoma said directly

“As you will be aware of or perhaps not, there is a great conjunction approaching and i’m in a fortunate position to know exactly what is going to happen. The sky will come alive and the suns will manifest themselves as physical beings. They will fight one another and the dying sun shall fall. When the sun dies we will lose power. And if we are attacked by another Gelfling clan we may lose the castle.”

“I want you to find the body and harness its energy, bring it back here. For your efforts i will give you the greatest honour i am able to give. I will make you a guardian of the crystal. You will live here within these walls under my ruling ”

Neoma had always hoped of such an opportunity, having worked for the Queen on many errands already.

“It is my honour to accept your proposal”  Neoma bowed

“Now, approach the Crystal Throne”

The Queen pulled a tray to her side. The tray contained a Crystal pot filled with a natural tar substance. The Queen inked the markings of the Guardians of the Crystal upon the face of Neoma.

The Queen gave Neoma two small items, one of which was a pendant
“You may call of the Crystal of Truth with this pendant”

The other of which was a pencil with a Crystal topper
“And this will help light your way in darkness”

“Now GO, You will not be the only one looking for the fallen sun so you must go immediately. The sun will fall on the outskirts of the wilderness so follow the New Moon”

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✦ Chapter 2 ✦

✦ The Journey ✦ 

Neoma set out immediately running down the steep hill which surrounded the Castle of the Crystal and into the surrounding village.
She passed the village to a small swamp where she saw Chip drinking water by the swamp

“Come on Chip”, Chip scurried up Neomas leg into the pocket of Neomas green coat.

After many hours of walking Neoma and Chip had reached the open grasslands.
The Grasslands were sparse and went on for miles in each direction, this would cause many travelling Gelfling to become confused and disorientated.
The trees were small and far apart. A mist like morning dew held the air.
“I need to keep my mind as sharp as possible, or i may become lost here to”

Neoma sat against a small isolated tree in the grasslands and began to write. Neoma would often find herself writing line upon line upon line in her journal illuminated by the light of the Crystal Pencil, this would help focus her thoughts.

Dawn was approaching and the moon was no longer visible.
“We must rest now, till dusk”
And So they did.

That night the great conjunction occurred and the three suns gradually became one within the sky.
The three suns joined forming a large circular ball of light.
A moment of silence was preceded by a spectacular beam of light from the merged sun.

Meanwhile at the end of the beam of light the prophesied event is occurring.

The three suns are beamed to the land of Thra for the first time as Physical manifestations.
Their skin appeared ancient and their eyes shun bright the colour of their celestial presence.

The Dying Sun once had dominance over the sky but time has weakened him and now he wears a crown, broken from his once glorious reign. He carries a staff of Ice and crystal.

The Rose Sun controls the earth, the land and water of Thra. He wears a rose shaped crown and holds a staff of made of brambles and neon.

The Great Sun dominates the sky and his three brothers and so wears the largest of the three crowns.

They turn to one another shocked and confused to see one another in this form.
Naturally the three brothers begin to fight.

The Great Sun carry a staff of valuable metal showing his dominance over his brothers. He uses this staff to strike his brother the Rose Sun disarming him of his staff of brambles.

The Rose Sun realises he has already lost. He bows respectfully and returns to the sky to his previous form.

The Great Sun turns to his other brother The Dying Sun and beckons for him to show his strength.

The Dying sun is weak and blind and could not possibly be the victor against his stronger brother so declines.

The Great Sun shows no mercy as he strikes his brother with his great staff.

The Dying Sun is deathly injured, he looks at his hands and they are covered with blood. He is mortal and afraid.
He escapes his brother and flees into the wilderness where he eventually falls.

The Great sun returns to the sky as the victor where he retains dominance over all of Thra.

Neoma opens her eyes and awakes from a shallow sleep.
Still propped against the tree she looks up at the sky to see that the three suns have passed one another

“It has happened” Neoma said boldly as if she hadn’t slept at all
The suns reflecting onto her black obsidian eyes.

“We need to go now, the others will be moving”

With no hesitation Neoma sets her sights towards the new moon and sets off again.

Her journey takes her too the edge of the Open Grasslands with mountainous limestone foundations.
The way forward appeared impossible and dangerous, if it rained the limestone would become slippery and deadly.

“Well, this is the only way forward” Chip whimpered within Neomas coat pocket and tried to burrow deeper inside.

Neoma began to climb the dangerous limestone terrain for hours upon hours through dangerous winds and cold rain until she reached a large cliff face.

“Oh No…how am i support to get over this”
Neoma sat infant of the cliff face and began to write to in an attempt to collect her thoughts and think of a way forward.

Again she wrote line after line and things gradually became clearer to her like how she would get over the cliff face not only that but also clearer about what she really wanted to do and how she really felt about the Queen and her path.

She continued to write until a loud SQUARK interrupted a sentence.
A bird of Thra swooped down snatching Neomas Journal and taking it magnificently high into the sky.

“MY JOURNAL” Neoma exclaimed
“There it goes…” Neoma watches as her Journal goes further into the sky

Neoma takes a moment, Opens her eyes and continues on with her thoughts collected and with her mind cleared begins to climb the cliff face. She wraps bandages generously around her arms and hands to aid with her grip. With the Crystal Pencil between her teeth She searches for her footing and gripped with her hands through dampened moss and sharp rock.

Neoma reached a waterfall and began to collect water from the stream.
The waterfall felt strange to Neoma. She looked up at the waterfall and saw what appeared to be a Gelfling standing upon the highest point looking out to the distance. Then the Gelfling apparition disappeared.

“Was i dream-fasting…?”

Neoma climbed more dangerous limestone rocks.

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✦Chapter 3 ✦ 

✦The Sun ✦ 

Neoma made her way over the limestone cliffs and walked for miles into the deep overgrown wilderness following the new moon until she located the body of the fallen sun.

“Is this the fallen sun?”

The Dying Sun lay on the ground, the body already deteriorating into the land.

Neoma approaches the body.

No matter who finds the fallen sun, it will be used for the purposes of power.
The Queen will attempt to control other Gelfling clans with this ancient magic and they will fight for it, and if another clan finds it they will do the same.

“Nobody in Thra should have control over such powerful ancient magic…”

Chip could see that her friend was troubled and attempted to lighten the mood by climbing a nearby tree and leaping onto the body of the fallen sun, scurrying down his outreached arm which was half submerged within the water.

“Oh Chip, I need to do the right thing..”

Neoma decided to burn the body releasing the remaining energy into the sky so no Gelfling Clan could control it.
Neoma collected wood for the fire from the surrounding wilderness and constructed a bed, she pulled the body of the sun and placed the body onto the stacked wood and picked and laid wild flowers upon the fallen god.
She called upon the Crystal of Truth through the Crystal Pendant given to her by The Queen.
The Pendant shot out a beam of pure red Crystalline Energy onto the dry wood which kindled the flame.
Neoma stood in silence as the flames grew and the dying suns soul is returned to its home in the sky.

Neoma realises she can no longer return to the Queen or return home.
Neoma sets out deeper into the wilderness to find a new and different path…

✦ The End ✦

written by
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