Music for Dark Crystal fans
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Do you love the DC soundtrack, but are frustrated with the lack of new material evocative of it? Well fear not, for here’s a thread we could use to post musical tracks which we could easily imagine being featured in DC.

Cheating a little, here are some segments of Trevor Jones’ “Excalibur” soundtrack:

The ones that really stand out in my mind are 4:51 (which really does sound like the Skeksis theme) and 11:58 (which sounds like a scarier version of the final UrSkek theme).

Trevor North’s Dargonslayer soundtrack, starting from 2:43. I can easily imagine it starting from urSu’s death onwards.

John Scott’s soundtrack to Creatures that Time Forgot, starting at 2:21 (speeded up at 1.5). Really brings up the landstrider journey for me.