REPLY from Wendy Froud (about Kira)
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Awhile back I sent a message to Wendy Froud; asking about the red markings that appear on Kira’s legs (i had thought they were scars). And that they no longing appear on her legs after she had her essence drained.

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John, sorry for the delay in responding.  I finally connected with Wendy and here is her response.  Sarah Froud
This is a question I’ve never had about Dark Crystal before.
Kira’s costume changed because she had her “essence” drained. She was wearing footless tights that were patterned (not red veined legs) in most of the film but when her dress and cape faded to pale “bone-like” colors, her tights also faded to a light color. Her clothing was meant to be a part of her very nature and not just clothing she put on (if that makes sense). The pod people also “faded” as their essence was drained.

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John , Great question and eye for detail! .
Wendy Froud’s response is both illuminating and awesome!!! It sheds light on yet another subtle yet detail orientate world building that the entire crew created for the World of the Dark Crystal . I would have loved to have this bit of detail when I was writing my Novel submission , but will certainly keep this bit of information in mind for future creations dealing with this world. These are the type of details that Films like Avatar shoved down audiences throats with nary a nuance but spelled out and highlighted with every piece if dialogue and behind the scene featurette . The creators of The Dark Crystal World had the 411 on meaningful world building way before anyone else in film, to this degree. Sure there are other fictional stories and films but this was a world built from the literal ground up , ,spear headed by Jim Henson Frank Oz, Wendy & Brian Froud, David Odell ,Gary Kurtz ... And lastly to Seth because when he spoke Jim listened .wink