Age of Division

The period between the Great Conjunction that splits the urSkeks and the Great Conjunction that re-united them.

Age of Harmony

The period between the Great Conjunction that brought the urSkeks to Thra and the Great Conjunction that split them into the urRu and Skeksis.

Age of Innocence

The period between Aughra's birth from Thra and the first Great Conjunction that brought the urSkeks to Thra.


A race of intelligent, non-humanoid, arthropodic creatures that encompasses many diverse clans. Colloquially they are called “silk spitters” or just “spiders” by the Gelfling, although their leg counts range from six to twelve depending on the sub-species. The Arathim were defeated by the Gelfling and evicted from their ancestral home in the Grottan Caves and never forgave the Gelfling for it.


The name of a creature born of Thra's desire to see the world. She's a squat creature with spiraled horns and three eyes. Though blind in two of her eyes from the energy released during the urSkeks' arrival on Thra, Aughra is capable of removing her third eye and still using it to see. Aughra is wise but mysterious and knows of both science and spiritual matters.

Bell Bird

An ancient, enormous bird whose song was said to move mountains. It is said if one blows through the hollow bone shafts from a bell bird’s feathers, it will sing the very song of Thra.


A Y-shaped length of knotted rope with stones tied to each of the three ends. Used as a weapon, the bola can be swung or thrown, enabling the wielder to ensnare prey.

Castle of the Crystal

The urSkeks' home and the home of the Crystal. The Skeksis took control of the Castle after the Division and re-shaped it to suit their dark natures.

Chamber of Life

TekTih's laboratory underneath the Crystal of Truth. The Chamber of Life is where the Division occurred. Later taken over by the Skeksis, skekTek.


Fast-moving, furry shellfish that dwell under the Castle and in the lands surrounding it. Considered to be a delicacy by the Skeksis.

Crystal Bat

A species of winged creature that was bred and trained to carry spy crystals in their claws. Early breeds were limited to nocturnal flight only.

Crystal of Truth

A large, shining white crystal unearthed by the urSkeks upon their arrival on Thra. It emits a powerful aura of energy which is amplified during certain astronomical events.

Crystal Shard

The dagger-shaped fragment of the Crystal that was split off after the Skeksis cracked the Crystal of Truth.

Crystal Singer

A tiny, arachnid clan of the Arathim characterized by crystalline bodies and eight, long, black legs. They are very sensitive to the song of Thra, and are able to overhear Gelfling dreamfasts, and have the power to control other creatures with their hypnotic song.


A six-legged desert-dwelling creatures with large dorsal scales and broad hooves. Frequently domesticated by the Dousan Gelfling clan.

Dark Crystal

The name for the Crystal of Truth after it was fractured. It is a deep violet color and emits corrupting energy.

Death Stingers

A clan of the Arathim characterized by gauzy, thick webs and deadly venom. Death Stingers grow indefinitely, so their sizes range from very small to very large.


The act of dreaming something physical into being, done by one or more Gelfling. The more Gelfling involved in a dream-etching, the more powerful the creation.


Sharing of memories via physical contact. Gelfling are able to dreamfast, as is Aughra.

Ember Queens

The counsel of matriarchs which govern the Fireling people.


A Y-shaped flute carried by the Gelfling Jen. Due to its shape, it's able to produce two tones at the same time.


A psychic means of communication between Firelings and flame.


Firelings are a race of creatures that live at the very center of Thra. Though they seem similar to Gelflings, their bodies are constantly on fire and emanate heat.


A small, furry quadruped with short legs and a tail and a large mouth filled with a double-row of sharp teeth. Fizzgigs are used by Podling villagers to drive predatory creatures from plant tendrils.


Huge, armored soldiers created by the Skeksis and animated by the power of the Dark Crystal. The Garthim feel no pain, know no fear and have no mercy. They are used to raid Podling and Gelfling villages, capture, kill and destroy.


Intelligent elfin humanoids, approximately three-four feet tall, with delicate features, long and pointed ears and four-fingered hands. Female Gelfling have diaphanous wings which enable them to glide short distances. Gelfling are capable of telepathic communication called Dreamfasting.

Great Conjunction

An astronomical event where the three suns of Thra appear to converge at a single point in the sky.


A Skeksis ceremony that tests the strength (and by virtue of this, worthiness) of a Skeksis disputing the claim of a rival. The combatants take turns striking a large black stone with heavy swords. The victor is the one who scores the biggest hit on the stone. Last used to determine the Emperor's successor.


A small, legless, flying creature native to the Caves of Grott. Feeds on glowing moss, and often fly in swarms.


One of the many colorful leaping fish species that migrate in large schools along the northern Sifan coasts. Often called the jewels of the sea.


Long-limbed creatures capable of fast overland movement. The landstriders are fierce enemies of the Garthim and will attack them on sight.

Makraks (Miners)

A race of sentient, subterranean armored creatures native to Thra’s hot core. When the Crystal was cracked, the Makraks emerged from inside Thra, inadvertently causing damage and destruction in their panic and confusion.


A delicious tuber. It is a traditional food of the Stonewood Gelfling.


A breed of hairy, horned herd animals employed by Gelfling living in the plains during the Garthim Wars. Not very bright, but fearless of the Garthim.


Flying quilled eels endemic to the Swamp of Sog. Babies are very small, but adults never stop growing. The oldest known muski was said to be as wide as the Black River.


A large, semi-aquatic swamp grub used by the Podlings as a source of milk. Nebrie grow to match their surroundings; most woodland and plains nebrie live in lakes and pools and do not grow very large. However, swamp nebrie from the Swamp of Sog have been known to reach enormous sizes and grow tusks.


One of Thra’s nine orbital season caused by the configuration of the three suns. Arcs in whcih Thra is farthest from the suns are winter ninets; arcs in which Thra is nearest are summer ninets. Each ninet lasts approximately one hundred trine.


Also known as the Dome of Aughra, the Observatory is Aughra's home and a place of scientific inquiry created by the urSkeks called TekTih.


A mechanical device used to chart the relative movements of celestial objects.


A sweet and sour fruit native to the Dark Wood.

Pod People (Podlings)

A peaceful race of small humanoids that resemble potatoes. They enjoy tending their gardens, throwing lavish feasts, playing music, storytelling, singing and dancing. They have little concept of history apart from the passage of seasons and use myths and stories to explain the world in which they live.


A species of large, carnivorous creatures that hunt in packs. They rose in number and aggression during the Garthim Wars when their hunting activity went unchecked.


A singing race of flarefish that live in the fire realm of Thra.


A cruel race of creatures possessing the worst traits of reptiles and scavenger birds. The Skeksis have toothy beaks, a sinewy tail and two pairs of arms (one pair is functional, the other is vestigial). They are the darker halves of the urSkeks and are the self-proclaimed Lords of the Dark Crystal.


A small, furry creation of the Skeksis, spyeyes are attached to a subject in groups. They remember what the subject does and says, and one by one leave the subject to return to their master to relay what they have seen and heard.


A species of flying beetlefur creatures with strange sleeping patterns. Many act as couriers for the Gelfling clans in exchange for food and shelter.

Teeth of Skreesh

A gargoyle face carved into the base of the Castle of the Crystal, used as an outlet for waste water from the Castle.


The planet where the Crystal of Truth is located. Thra possesses a strange ecology where animal, plant and mineral share many characteristics and are sometimes indistinguishable from each other.


Thurma is a young Fireling who is sent on a quest by her people to retrieve a shard from the crystal to re-ignite their dying sun. Thurma is aided by a young Gelfling named Kensho on her quest.


The time is takes for the planet Thra to orbit its Greater Sun; a year.

Triple Moons, or the Three Sisters

Thra’s three moons: the Blue Moon, the Pearl Moon, and the Hidden Moon.

Triple Suns, or the Three Brothers

Thra’s three suns: The Great Sun, the Rose Sun, and the Dying Sun.


A species of small, shelled, tentacled creature that lives in dark, dank areas. They love shiny things and bond with each other by turning inside out. They are considered pests by some.


A large-winged pearly white insect that sheds its skin once every unum. Native to the northern shores of the Skarith region. The chrysalises are beautiful and crystalline, often used as decoration by Gelfling (especially the Vapra).


The time for Thra’s largest moon to circle Thra once, roughly equivalent to an Earth month.


A gentle race with wizened, saurian features. They have wrinkled skin engraved with symbolic patterns, long tails, two pairs of functional arms and fine, long hair. They are called the Mystics by the Gelfling, though due to their aloof nature many Gelfling have never even seen one.


An alien race of very tall bipedal humanoids that came to Thra through an energy portal. The urSkeks are capable of such an advanced form technology that they seem to possess magical powers.

Valley of the Mystics

The valley where the urRu traveled to after the cracking of the Crystal. It's protected from intruders by a series of mystical Standing Stones.

Wall of Destiny

A dream-etched wall inscribed with hieroglyphs and pictographs describing the Prophecy that will heal the Crystal and re-unify the urSkeks.